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We are an Ontario wide law firm committed to providing simple, smart and innovative legal services to our clients fully virtually. We also have offices across Ontario to assist clients who wish to attend in person meetings. We offer business, franchising, immigration, leasing, real estate, and wills and estate law services to individuals, families and businesses.

We believe that the legal profession needs a wake-up call, and Marwah Law resoundingly provides it. We persuasively critique the outmoded habits of the profession by offering an easy to use platform and an all-inclusive fixed-fee business model. We use latest technologies and continuously develop innovative service models that make it easier for individuals, families and businesses to meet their legal needs.

Our flat-fee pricing and innovative billing models take the guesswork out of billing making it easy to plan ahead knowing exactly how much our services will cost you from the outset. On your first phone call with the firm, you will be advised of the lawyers expertise and will be provided with a quotation for the legal services required. Our lawyers and staff all come from top-notch law firms across Canada so you will enjoy the peace of mind knowing that you are getting the best legal service in the market.


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