• Notarization
  • Certified True Copy
  • Affidavits
  • Commissioner of Oath
  • Statutory Declarations
  • E-document Certification

We can serve as a notary public or an official witness to the execution (signing) of contracts, agreements and an almost limitless array of legal and business documents

We certify a photocopy of any document as being a true copy of the original by affixing a signature, seal and statement to that effect on the copy itself.

Affidavits are used in court and in numerous other situations. Have you been told to “swear an affidavit” and don’t know what this means? Don’t worry, we can probably help you.

We can serve as commissioners of oath. We are empowered under Ontario law to administer and witness the swearing of oaths or solemn affirmations for any potential legal or business matter.

A statutory declaration is a written summary of facts which the declarant solemnly states to be true before signing the document. If you need a declaration prepared, we got your covered.

Today, many original documents are only found online. With no hard copy available, many institutions still expect printed documents to be certified as exact copies of the version found online.

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