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Trust Marwah Law to guide you through Real Estate Transactions, Purchase and Sale Agreements, and other aspects of Real Estate Transactions.

  • Fully Virtual Legal Services Offered Across Ontario:

    At Marwah Law, we prioritize convenience and accessibility for our clients. That's why we are proud to offer fully virtual legal services across Ontario. Our virtual services eliminate the need for in-person meetings, saving you time and allowing for flexible scheduling.

  • Fixed Total Cost to Close your Transaction

    With our quotes, all fees and disbursements are fixed. We believe this approach gives our clients the true total cost and certainty in an area in which they need it. We were one of the first real estate law firms in Ontario to take this approach with our closing costs and our clients greatly appreciate it.

  • Multiple Physical Locations Across Ontario:

    While our virtual services offer convenience, we understand that some clients prefer face-to-face interactions. That's why, in addition to our virtual services, Marwah Law has multiple physical locations across Ontario. Our strategically situated offices provide the opportunity for in-person consultations and meetings when necessary.

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  • Transfer of Title



    • Review title search, writ search and due diligence.
    • Prepare and review closing documents.
    • Prepare fund summary for client funds.
    • Attend to closing of transaction.
    • Prepare post closing reporting letter.
    • Provide advice throughout the process.
  • Sale



    • Review agreement of purchase and sale.
    • Review title search, writ search and due diligence.
    • Request and review mortgage payout.
    • Review letter of requisition.
    • Prepare and review closing documents.
    • Prepare fund summary for client funds.
    • Facilitate transfer of funds and manage escrow.
    • Attend to closing of transaction.
    • Inform tax department of change of ownership.
    • Pay out real estate agents if applicable.
    • Pay out mortgage.
    • Prepare post closing reporting letter.
    • Provide advice throughout the process.
  • Refinance



    • Review title search, writ search and due diligence.
    • Request and review mortgage payout.
    • Review and complete mortgage instructions.
    • Prepare and review closing documents.
    • Prepare fund summary for client funds.
    • Facilitate transfer of funds and manage escrow.
    • Attend to closing of transaction.
    • Pay out existing mortgage.
    • Pay out mortgage broker if applicable.
    • Pay out client’s debts.
    • Prepare post closing reporting letter.
    • Provide advice throughout the process.
  • Purchase



    • Review agreement of purchase and sale.
    • Review title search and due diligence.
    • Review and complete mortgage instructions.
    • Prepare letter of requisition.
    • Review title insurance.
    • Prepare and review closing documents.
    • Prepare fund summary for client funds.
    • Facilitate transfer of funds and manage escrow.
    • Attend to closing of transaction.
    • Inform tax department of change of ownership.
    • Pay out mortgage brokers if applicable.
    • Prepare post closing reporting letter.
    • Provide advice throughout the process.

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Our Real Estate Services Include:

Residential Real Estate

Experienced Residential Real Estate Refinance & Purchase Lawyers Ensuring Convenient Closings.
At Marwah Law, we specialize in providing comprehensive Residential Real Estate Services. Our experienced Lawyers rely on their broad base of knowledge and expertise to provide exceptional legal advice and effective risk management strategies. Whether you're buying, selling, or refinancing, our experienced residential Real Estate Sale Lawyers are here to guide you through every step of the process.

Commercial Real Estate

Your Trusted Partner For All Your Commercial Real Estate Legal Needs.
Our services cover the entire spectrum of commercial real estate. We provide guidance and expertise in commercial real estate purchases, conducting due diligence, negotiating favorable terms, and ensuring compliance with legal requirements. For those considering a commercial real estate sale, we streamline the process by conducting property searches, negotiating terms, and drafting legally sound contracts. If you're looking to refinance your commercial property, our specialized legal support can help you navigate the complexities, and ensure accurate document preparation.

How We Can Help

  • Purchases: Whether you're buying your first home, a cottage, an investment property, or vacant land, we provide comprehensive legal assistance from start to finish.
  • Sales: Selling your residential or commercial property? We offer expert guidance and legal support to ensure a smooth and successful transaction.
  • Refinancing Transactions: If you're refinancing your property, our lawyers will handle all the necessary legal aspects, ensuring a seamless process.
  • Agreements of Purchase and Sale: We assist in drafting, reviewing, and negotiating purchase and sale agreements to protect your interests.
  • New Build Agreements of Purchase and Sale: Buying a new construction property? We specialize in navigating the intricacies of new build agreements.
  • Co-Ownership Agreements: Our lawyers can help you establish clear and fair co-ownership agreements to avoid potential disputes down the line.
  • Lease Agreements: Whether you're a landlord or a tenant, we provide expert advice and legal representation for lease agreements.
  • Co-Operatives: If you're involved in a cooperative housing arrangement, we have the knowledge and experience to handle the legal complexities.
  • Title Transfer: We offer assistance in title transfers. Transferring title as gift severing joint tenancy or part of a separate agreement.
  • Real Estate Development: We assist clients with real estate development projects, ensuring compliance with regulations and minimizing legal risks.
  • Title Examinations: Our lawyers conduct thorough title examinations to identify potential issues affecting the property's ownership.
  • Zoning & Land Use: We provide guidance on zoning regulations and land use matters to help you make informed decisions.

Limited Time Offer - Real Estate Lawyer Fees starting at $350.
Enter your Name, Email and Phone Number to receive a free no obligation call from
one of our real estate lawyers to provide you with a detailed cost for your upcoming real estate closing.

Ask Us Anything For Free

Whether you’re buying, selling, or refinancing your home, one of the most important people you’ll work with is your real estate lawyer. No matter which process you’re going through, your lawyer’s overall responsibility is to make sure your paperwork is filed, your rights are protected and your transaction goes through. Here’s a breakdown of our duties, and answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about working with real estate lawyers.

  • What is a Real Estate Transaction?
  • How can an attorney help with a Real Estate Purchase or Sale?
  • Why is a title review important in a Real Estate Transaction?
  • What does a Real Estate Purchase Lawyer do for the seller in Ontario?
  • Sale Transaction
  • Purchase Transaction
  • Refinance Transaction
  • What is the difference between title registration and title insurance?
  • What is the difference between legal fees and disbursements?
  • At what point in the process do I contact a real estate lawyer?

A real estate transaction refers to the process of buying, selling, or refinancing property. It involves legally transferring the ownership of real estate from one party to another. This can include residential, commercial properties, or vacant land. Real estate transactions encompass various legal and financial aspects and require careful attention to detail to ensure a smooth and successful transfer of property rights.

An attorney plays a crucial role in real estate purchases or sales. They provide legal guidance and ensure that all necessary steps and legal requirements are followed. For buyers, an attorney will conduct a thorough review of the property's title, assess any potential issues, and guide them through the negotiation and closing process. For sellers, an attorney will assist in preparing and reviewing contracts, addressing any legal concerns, and ensuring a smooth transfer of ownership.

 A title review is a critical step in any real estate transaction. It involves examining the history of the property's ownership and verifying that the seller has clear and marketable title rights to the property. By conducting a thorough title review, an attorney can help prevent potential legal disputes or complications down the line, protecting the buyer's interests and providing peace of mind.


A real estate purchase lawyer in Ontario represents the seller's interests throughout the transaction process. Their role includes various tasks, such as preparing and reviewing the purchase agreement, ensuring compliance with legal obligations, and addressing any legal issues that may arise. Their objective is to protect the seller's rights, facilitate a smooth transaction, and ensure all legal requirements are met in accordance with Ontario's real estate laws.

When you decide to sell your home, we will do a title search on your home to make sure there are no defects. We will also draft the deed of the home for the buyer, calculate any closing costs you have to pay, and draft a Statement of Adjustments for you. On closing day, we’ll facilitate the financial transaction and wire you the funds for what’s leftover, after paying off anything you owed on your mortgage, your real estate agent’s fees, legal fees, etc.

If you’re buying a home, you’ll want to start working with a real estate lawyer as soon as you sign the agreement of purchase and sale. From thereafter, our job is to: conduct a title search, get title insurance in place, register the home in your name, draw up a Statement of Adjustments, and facilitate the financial transactions on closing day. Oh, and then we’ll give you the lockbox code to get your keys your new home!

If you’re refinancing, our job is to conduct a title search, to ensure it’s clear of defects; this protects both you and your lender. After that, we will register the new mortgage amount and facilitate the rest of the financial transaction. When you refinance, we draft up a Trust Ledger Statement instead of a Statement of Adjustments; it’s essentially the same financial document, but your transaction is only with the bank – not another buyer or seller.

Title registration is simply the process of changing the title of the home from the seller’s name to yours. Title insurance, on the other hand, is intended to protect you from liability should an undetected title defect be found. For instance, if there is a violation of the municipal zoning bylaws, an existing work order, property taxes in arrears or encroachments on adjoining property, this could affect your title. Both title insurance fees and registration fees are paid for on closing day.

Disbursements are essentially the expenses incurred by us working with you, and anything we have to pay ahead of time on your behalf; this can include couriers, banking fees, transaction levies, government filings, and any searches we have to complete that come with a cost attached. Legal fees are what you pay us. Disbursements are usually identical throughout law firms across Ontario as lawyers are prohibited to profit from them.

For buyers and sellers, you’ll want to call contact us as soon as you have a signed agreement of purchase and sale. We will explain all the legalese in plain terms. You’ll need to talk to us again on closing day, to finish the transaction.

If you’re refinancing, as soon as you get a new mortgage commitment signed with your new lender.

What Our Happy Clients Say

Google Reviews

  • Yaman and his staff at Marwah Law Firm are a pleasure to work with, very professional and their attention to detail is amazing. They exceeded my expectations every single time. I highly recommend them for all your real estate needs as well as writing your will and powers of attorney.

    I haven’t dealt with a firm yet that is working virtual by default. It shows that they are up to speed with the evolving world we live in today! Very impressive!

    Their prices are competitive and with the level of service you get, you can’t go wrong.

    My family and I look forward to working with you in the future again!

    Rana Saboungi

  • I am a realtor myself and I have sent lots of my buyers to close on their properties with Marwah Law Firm, and they all thanked me for the great deal and experience they had.
    I have also used this firm a couple of times for myself and from now and on, I use them for all my matters.

    Great Firm and Great prices and very responsive.

    Koussei Kurbaj

  • We used Marwah service for real-estate sale. Maher was very professional in helping us through our the transaction. Great service and reasonable prices. I would recommend their services to everyone.

    A. Sayes

  • Used Marwah Law recently for a purchase in real-estate, as first time home buyers they made life very easy for us and were professional. Would use again in the future!

    H Adan

  • Marwah law is one of the best lawyer's office in Ottawa, also Maher is a great person, so proficient he made my mortgage process a very unique smooth way, it has been ready one week prior to the closing date and he was following very closely during last two days in between the banks and the landlord, that was impressive service. A million thanks for his assistance and dedicated outstanding job.

    Humam Fadel

  • Perfect real estate service. Highly recommend if you are looking for a law firm that will guide you step by step as you purchase your new home. I was expecting the process to be more difficult but it went like a breeze with Marwah Law.

    Jad Karami

  • One of the best law firms I have ever worked with. Very professional. I used them for their real estate, corporation and immigration services. They are great in all departments. Yaman does a great job managing all the departments. Thank you Maher (real estate) and Fatme (immigration) for all your hard work. Great team work!

    Altira Property Manage

  • We used Marwah Law when we was closing on our new home, we highly recommend them. They were very professional and easy to work with plus their price was very fair.

    Nicole Morrison

  • Marwah Law helped me with the sale of my house. It was a quick sale and they completed it in the available time. COVID was also a factor and all the paperwork was completed without a trip to their office. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Irene Hooton

  • Knowledgeable Staff, Quick replies and correspondence. The legal side of the sale of our property went smoothly and painlessly as hoped for. Thanks to Marwah Law and it's team for a job well done.

    Jerry Ott

  • Highly recommended, professional team, they did their best to get everything done on time when I bought my house, especially with the difficulty situation I had, thank you guys you are the best

    Ayham Harb

  • Marwah Law is the best real estate and family law lawyer we have worked with. From our first meeting, he explained everything to us in terms we could easily understand and was always very responsive whenever we had questions outside our meetings. If anyone is looking for a knowledgeable lawyer at a great price, then go Marwah Law.

    Ben Kodua Stalon

  • The closing on our house was less than 30 days, we needed to find a lawyer asap and we were extremely happy to find Marwah Law. We were stressed because of the short time we had but Marwah Law reassured us that everything would be fine. In the end, they processed all paperwork quickly and professionally and we got our keys the morning of our closing date with no issues.
    Thank you Marwah Law!


  • Much can be said but I will keep it simple.

    I had the good fortune of dealing with Marwah Law some time ago when I was buying a house in Ottawa. Tangent to this process, an issue had come up where I needed extra assistance from Marwah Law and, in that moment, they were present in my time of need.

    They were polite, professional, and unwavering in their support to me. For that reason, they have earned my endorsement and, I am confident, will undoubtedly earn yours.

    Shivam Saheb

  • Marwah Law firm was incredible to work with. Their service was reliable and efficient. I worked with them from overseas for a land transaction and was able to get everything ready at ease. Special thanks to Maher for all your hard work.

    layla matar

  • Thank you Mr. Marwah and team for all your help with my mortgage. I am so extremely lucky to have had your reliable service. I truly appreciate your patience with all the questions I had and you answered them so quickly! For everyone else, I highly recommend Marwah Law for their professionalism, great work, and reliability. Thanks a million ☺️!

    Meena Wardak

  • Marwah Law is an excellent and professional firm that dutifully helped navigate the real estate law landscape for a first time home buyer, and in seemingly no time at all, helped draft legal documents, provided expert advice, and overall made the entire experience a seamless operation.

    PT Stolar

  • Yaman is very knowledgeable and professional. I wouldn't have known where to start with my case without him. Patricia was the one handling my bank financing related matter which was done efficiently and in a timely manner. I would not hesitate to send any of my family and friends to Marwah Law.

    Reem Sharif

  • Worked with Marwah Law on purchasing my first property and it was truly a breeze! The team is knowledgeable and was able to provide additional guidance throughout the entire process. Additionally, they have a quick response rate and was able to execute the deal promptly on closing day. 10/10 recommend these guys!

    Saran Robinson

  • As a first time home buyer, Marwah Law had been of great help in order for us to complete and finish all that has to be done in our property purchase. They had been so patient in answering all my questions. Even though all signing was done electronically, it was on time. Thanks to Patricia and Yaman. I will surely recommend your service to others.

    Liane L.

  • The firm help me secure my first home with minimum hassle. I am very thankful.

    Smarak Acharya

  • We received very professional, friendly, and helpful legal services to purchase a house with my partner and then sell my own house - all at reasonable fees. Due to how late on a Friday the closing for the purchase wrapped up, Dr. Marwah hand delivered the keys to me. I have no hesitation recommending Marwah Law. We’ve even returned and are currently get a co-habitation agreement prepared by Marwah Law.

    Caren MacLeod

  • A very special thank you to Marwah Law and the team for their professionalism and respect. We are happy that we had chosen Marwah Law for buying our first new house in Ottawa and we truly appreciate their help.

    Nisrine Abdel samad

  • Dealing with him was smooth. He made the process of buying my first house very easy, explained everything in details and took the time and effort to go over the deal again and over again.
    Thank you

    Abdulaziz Alsafadi

  • I recently had the pleasure of working with Yaman from Marwah Law as my real estate lawyer, and I am delighted to provide a glowing 5-star review for the outstanding service and expertise I received.

    From the moment I contacted Marwah Law, their team was professional, responsive, and efficient. Yaman, in particular, stood out with his exceptional knowledge and dedication throughout the entire process. He demonstrated a deep understanding of real estate law and was able to guide me through each step with confidence and clarity.

    One aspect that impressed me was Yaman's ability to explain complex legal terms and procedures in a straightforward manner. He took the time to ensure that I understood all the necessary details, ensuring that I felt informed and empowered throughout the process. Yaman was patient and attentive, answering all of my questions and addressing any concerns I had promptly.

    Furthermore, Yaman's attention to detail and thoroughness were remarkable. He meticulously reviewed all the legal documents, contracts, and agreements, ensuring that every aspect was in compliance with the law and protecting my best interests. His expertise and meticulousness gave me peace of mind, knowing that my real estate transaction was being handled by a true professional.

    Another standout quality of Yaman and the Marwah Law team was their responsiveness. Yaman promptly returned calls and emails, providing updates and addressing any emerging issues promptly. This level of communication fostered trust and confidence in their services.

    Overall, my experience with Yaman at Marwah Law exceeded my expectations. His professionalism, expertise, attention to detail, and exceptional communication skills made the entire process smooth and stress-free. I highly recommend Yaman and the entire team at Marwah Law to anyone in need of a reliable and competent real estate lawyer in Ottawa.

    In conclusion, I give Yaman and Marwah Law a well-deserved 5 out of 5 stars for their exemplary service. If I ever require legal assistance in the future, I will not hesitate to reach out to Yaman and Marwah Law again.

    Abraham John

  • We closed two properties and had a very good experience. Keep up the good work Yaman!

    Shahid Shamsi

  • I have used Marwah Law as my real estate lawyer personally and have referred dozens of my clients to him and his law firm.

    If you are looking for someone who genuinely cares and goes the extra mile to help and explain everything thoroughly to his clients they are the ones to go to. All of our closings went smoothly and they are always ready to help when needed.

    Highly recommend.

    Alie Mansour

  • Our experiences with Marwah Law have been phenomenal!

    We've worked with Yaman and his team on multiple occasions for real estate sales and purchases, and they has shown consistent professionalism, knowledge, and attention to detail.

    I'm also aware that the firm offers more in the form of wills, immigration and more, so as our needs change we'll look for Yaman and Marwah Law's help first.

    I have personally recommended Marwah Law to friends and family on multiple occasions and will continue to do so in the future!

    Akram Saleh

  • Marwah Law is a Fantastic Law Firm with extreme professionalism of Mr. Yaman Marwah who does everything promptly, quick and in a professional way. We dealt with him for our Property as well as Will & Power of Attorney and he gave us good suggestions which is best suitable and in favor of us. The rates are fair and you can expect the best service you expect. "The Best".

    John Xavier Narala Philip

  • Did a great job for us when we purchased a property. Highly recommend them.

    Ashraf Ghadban

  • Great team top to bottom, very professional, no stress and very comfortable to deal with. Team was transparent, responsive, honest and very professional to communicate with. Very impressed with a top notch real estate team. Highly recommended.

    Majid Ahangaran

  • Best lawyers in Ottawa. Had the pleasure of working with Yaman Marwah and he made sure that we were always in the loop, made sure everything went smoothly and answered any questions we had.

    Mahmoud Bayaa

  • Marwah Law was exceptional in helping us close on our house. They answered all of our questions very quickly, and guided us throughout the whole process. They also accommodated our closing date, which three other law firms turned down because it was the Friday before the Canada Day weekend. Yaman (the lawyer) personally called many times to ensure our questions were answered. They offered us a fair price but excellent service. Would highly recommend and will definitely use in our next real estate transaction.

    M S

  • As part of purchasing a house, I needed to find a suitable Law Firm to take care of the lengthy paperwork and transaction. Through word of mouth, I was suggested to use the services of Marwah Law and I was not disappointed! They made the transaction seem much simpler than it is! All required documents were outline by the firm and their open line communication only made answering questions much easier. To top it off, the price was very reasonable! I highly recommend Marwah Law!

    Teedee Plays

  • Amazing experience, very responsive and professional.

    Nawar Mofti

  • He was very truthful very easy to work with I really recommend him if you are looking for a good lawyer to help you out.

    Ammar Alghotani

  • Dr. Marwah's exceptional service was crucial in our recent real estate purchase. Despite short notice, they expertly and promptly reviewed our mortgage documents, providing timely legal advice. Their professionalism enabled us to meet our closing date, and their dedication to clients is truly commendable. Their expertise streamlined our complex transaction, making the process seamless. Highly recommended for anyone needing adept legal assistance in real estate.

    Louis Adeghe

  • After our former family lawyer retired we had to look for a knowledgeable professional for our real estate deals. Marwah law was highly recommended by our friend and realtor and represented us during the closing of one of our properties sale in Ottawa (Richmond). It was not a standard and easy case and are especially grateful that Ph.D.Yaman Marwah helped us to renegotiate already signed agreement and protect our interests. I think many if not all lawyers know how to deal with standard situation but what makes Ph.D. Yaman Marwah great lawyer is that he can successfully and professionally represent and protect your interests in all kinds of challenging situations. We definitely recommend him and hope he can represent interests of our family in future .

    E.t.c. Canada

  • I highly recommend Marwah Law for their exceptional service as my real estate lawyer during my recent home sale. Their expertise, professionalism, and excellent communication made the process smooth and stress-free. I greatly appreciated their attention to detail and prompt responsiveness. Mr. Yaman Marwah ensured that all legal aspects were thoroughly addressed, protecting my interests throughout the transaction. I am grateful for their dedication and would gladly work with them again in the future. Thank you, Mr. Marwah, for a job well done.

    Omer S

  • My whole experience with Marwah Law specifically Yaman was first class. From the moment I reached out to them I knew I was in good hands. Would have no hesitations using their services again or recommending them to someone else.

    Matthew Arnott

Our experienced team of Real Estate Sale Lawyers is committed to providing efficient and reliable services, ensuring that your Real Estate Transactions receive the attention they deserve.

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