We know that when you are starting a new company, or running one on your own, expenses can be high while the budget is low. Getting legal advice is often last on the priority list.

Instead of paying high hourly rates at big firms, many business owners choose to forego legal advice altogether and tackle the minefield of incorporation, contracts and other legal matters on their own. Well, we think there should be a middle ground, and that’s who we aim to be. Like all top law firms around the country, our lawyers have tons of experience in business law matters.

What makes us different is that we want to make things easy for you. We know that, as a small business owner, you probably handle every aspect of your business and we want to help you continue to do that. So we draft contracts that you can not only understand, but explain to your clients. We can advise you on almost all aspects of your business, from start-up to selling your business and everything in between.

But the big difference is our billing. Most of our services are billed as a flat fee, meaning you won’t see the dreaded series of 6-minute charges for every phone call or email. Photocopies, faxes, mail? All included.