When it comes to leasing commercial property in Ontario, in general, many complex problems can arise. Whether you are about to settle into a brand-new office unit or store, or renew a long-term lease agreement in a warehouse, Marwah Law is here to provide you guidance. The best way for landlords and tenants to protect themselves is by retaining a commercial property lawyer that can make sure the entire commercial leasing process goes smoothly.

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Commercial Landlords

Landlords are usually in a stronger position when it comes to commercial leasing. Since nobody knows the property better than the owner, we can work with you to draft a lease agreement that covers all the bases.

While landlords have the advantage, it is also important that the terms of the lease agreement are understood. Tenants have a number of legal rights through Ontario laws and municipal by-laws, and contracts need to be drafted with those in mind.

Since leases end and tenants move, you will need to keep your contracts up to date and relevant to each new tenant. After drafting or reviewing your contract, Marwah Law will know your property needs and make sure that your interests are protected.

Commercial Tenants

Tenants normally would not draft their own lease agreement. To make matters worse, commercial leases are so dense with legal terms that they might as well be in another language. That means you will need a lawyer who knows commercial leases inside and out. Marwah Law can review commercial leases that you are considering, so you can focus on running your business.

After reviewing your lease, we can let you know where there may be room for you to negotiate, in case there are any changes you want to make.

Terminating Commercial Leases

Terminating a commercial lease before the end of the contract can be quite complicated. There are always financial consequences, but leases can range from slight problems to very extensive damages. If you are trying to best understand the terms of a commercial lease, we can review the terms and help you find an option that will cause the least amount of stress.


An effective lease manages the expectations of a landlord and tenant and therefore seeks to promote the mutual interests of both parties. At Marwah Law, our specialized team of has extensive experience advising commercial landlords and tenants with respect to commercial leases and tenancy agreements. Our services include:

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