At Marwah Law, we specialize in Canadian immigration, helping individuals and families navigate the complex immigration process. Our dedicated team of immigration experts provides personalized guidance and support, ensuring a smooth transition to your new life in Canada.

How it works.

In three easy steps:

  • Complete all your information on our Your First Step to Canada platform for free.
  • Receive a detailed report within one day of submitting your profile, also for free, outlining your chances to apply and qualify.
  • Book a paid consultation meeting to assess your program to immigrate to Canada and to start the process.

Trust Marwah Law to guide you from start to finish

  • Fully Virtual Legal Services Offered Across Ontario:

    At Marwah Law, we prioritize convenience and accessibility for our clients. That's why we are proud to offer fully virtual legal services across Ontario. Our virtual services eliminate the need for in-person meetings, saving you time and allowing for flexible scheduling.

  • Pay Once Using Our Fixed-Fee Model:

    At Marwah Law, we believe in transparency and providing our clients with cost-effective solutions. That's why we offer a fixed-fee business model for our services. Our pricing structure is designed to provide clarity and predictability, enabling you to budget effectively for all your legal needs.

  • Multiple Physical Locations Across Ontario:

    While our virtual services offer convenience, we understand that some clients prefer face-to-face interactions. That's why, in addition to our virtual services, Marwah Law has multiple physical locations across Ontario. Our strategically situated offices provide the opportunity for in-person consultations and meetings when necessary.

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As outlined above, the first step in your immigration journey is to submit your information on our First Step to Canada platform. If you like, however, you can always request a one on one consultation with our office to explore your options, assess your eligibility, and receive a personalized advise outlining available immigration pathways to you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How much are your fees?
  • Why do I need to hire someone to help?
  • Who will I be working with?
  • How do I know what I need?
  • How do you complete the work while I'm overseas?
  • My friend said.. Can I do that?

Not every case is the same, the legal fees take into account your immigration goal and the complexity of the case in a cost effective manner. We will be able to give you a quotation once we know more about your case.

For obvious reasons, this is a popular question. Canadian immigration is moving online with a do-it-yourself attitude. But, this also means that you are often relying on third party information hoping that it applies to your specific situation. We assess each potential client to setup plans of action that both parties understand. Immigration cases are divided into manageable tasks, which helps alleviate the anxiety that comes with life changing submissions.

A licensed lawyer and a registered immigration consultant are assigned to your case to help obtain necessary information and documentation from you. We ensure a tailored personal touch with every case.

Clients are provided with case specific and personal instructions of what documents are needed to complete their case. We work with clients to answer their questions and help develop solutions when they encounter issues obtaining or translating documents.

We help individuals all around the world, and we utilize a variety of technologies to see you, speak to you and make you feel comfortable. We will send you detailed instructions on how to complete the signing of documents, where to go to get documents and whatever else is necessary so that the process is also cost effective and stress free.

This is another popular question. Immigration issues come up everyday and you’re often talking to someone in the same or similar situation to assess how you should move forward. Just because something worked for your friend does not mean it will work for you. Our process starts off with a personal assessment of your situation. We will then provide recommendations to make your case stand out among the other similar applicants or provide possible solutions for your unique issues.

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What Our Happy Clients Say

Google Reviews

  • I had a great experience with Mr, Marwah and Ms, Fatima.
    They were very helpful and very supportive.

    ~Anas Almasri

  • Marwah Law Firm is the best law firm in Canada. I had experience with them when I applied for a temporary residence visa. In fact, because of their experience in submitting visa applications, the visa was obtained. They initially study the client’s file accurately and professionally, and then inform the client of the most appropriate program. Thank you very much for your assistance, insights, and guidance with my application. It is an honor for me to have known professional lawyers in the fields of immigration and business in general, such as Yaman Marwah and Fatme Ghandour. I sincerely appreciate it.

    ~Sohaib Alshargabi

  • One of the best law firms I have ever worked with. Very professional. I used them for their real estate, corporation and immigration services.

    ~Wael Sultan

  • The entire team at Marwah Law have been extremely helpful and friendly.
    Fatme Ghandour is very supportive and encouraging during the Immigration application for my husband. I'll always be grateful for her assistance during this stressful time.
    I most definitely highly recommend Marwah Law.

    ~Lori Bonilla

  • Hands down, one of the best immigration services ever!! Even tho, I am a Montreal client, everything was done online amazingly. Great team , great prices, Yaman helped us so much and Fatme is the best to work with! They really do their best to help you with everything and get the job done perfectly!

    ~Fatima Kambaz

  • One of the best law firms I have ever worked with. Very professional. I used them for their real estate, corporation and immigration services. They are great in all departments. Yaman does a great job managing all the departments. Thank you Maher (real estate) and Fatme (immigration) for all your hard work. Great team work!

    ~Altira Property Manage

  • If you're looking for helpful team of lawyer that can hear and communicate without thinking of how much they will charge you, if you're looking for a lawyer that can answer your questions about study permit or immigration to Canada, believe me you are there at Marwah Law, specially once you got served by Khalife Chibani and Yaman Marwah. All the best for a bright future.

    ~Mohammed Wehbi